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Lightening storm, Uluru, Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Northern Territory, Australia. Photo: Damien Hill

The semi-arid climate of the Uluru region makes for great travelling conditions. Bright, sunny days are the norm for much of the year, allowing visitors to make the most of the stunning desert landscapes and rock formations.

'Tis the season

Typical desert weather patterns make for warm to hot days and cold to freezing nights. May to September is a popular time of the year for visitors with clear skies and minimal rainfall. Rain is hard to predict but more likely to fall from October to March.

Five is the magic number

The Anangu people of Uluru recognize five seasons. Piriyakutu/piriya piriya (usually August/September) is the time for hibernating reptiles to come out and for honey grevillea to bloom. It is also premium kangaroo hunting season. Wari (late May, June, July) is a time of morning frosts (nyinnga) and clear sunny days. Read more about Uluru's five seasons.

A daily weather forecast is available from the Uluru-Kata Tjuta Cultural Centre on 08 8956 1128.

For the latest in Northern Territory weather check the Bureau of Meteorology website.

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