Travelling in the NT, Northern Territory, Australia

Support NT Caught

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Support NT Caught, Northern Territory, Australia. Photo: Seafood Council 

Treat your tastebuds and the environment by buying locally caught seafood when you're in the Northern Territory. The Top End is renowned for its fishing and its tropical species: barramundi, mud crab, prawns, red emperor and goldband snapper are just some of the fresh fish you're likely to find at fishmongers and on local restaurant menus. These locally caught fish are delivered straight from Darwin's Fisherman's Wharf to nearby restaurants and retail outlets, so unless you're pretty handy with a rod and reel yourself, you won't find fish any fresher.

Not only does buying local mean the fish tastes better, it promotes sustainable fishing practices, reduces your carbon footprint, and supports local fishing operators. It tastes good and it feels good. And now that all restaurants and retail outlets in the Northern Territory are required to label where their fish is from, you can easily make an informed choice about buying fresh, locally caught seafood. 

Whether you're buying from a fishmonger or dining out, ask for local fish and look out for the 'Support NT Caught' symbol displayed in restaurants and shops.

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