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Few parts of the continent present such a stunning and diverse range of scenery for the 'snap-happy'. Aside from the Territory's incredible native flora and fauna, this mystical landscape is drenched in a light like nothing else on Earth. From the Top End to The Red Centre – and everywhere in between – this is a genuine photographer's paradise.

Right up top

The Top End of Australia contains everything that makes the Territory such a brilliant palette of tone, colour and texture. As the seasons change, so does the vegetation and wildlife. Overhead, flocks of birds can be seen migrating as they seek out new homes, while at ground level browns and blacks seep into the verdant rainforests and wetlands. Seasonally later still, electrical storms begin to flash across the skies as the big rains approach. Rivers, waterfalls and swimming holes are replenished as the wet season arrives, and soon splashes of green spring up across the burnt reds and oranges of the desert.

Red...and orange, and green, and blue

Travelling into the Red Centre takes you through the true Australian Outback. Sweeping scenes of red-orange desert, twisted rock, raw green scrub and iridescent blue skies create a powerful backdrop for mesmerising images. Engage local characters and meet traditional owners on your journey as you capture the spectacular visuals of the cultural landscape.

No matter where you go in the Territory there are a range of photographic tours and suggested itineraries to choose from. Make your own way by trekking across the land and cruising down the waterways. Charter a scenic flight in a light aircraft or bubble-cabined helicopter to get 180-degree views – perfect for capturing those wide open vistas. Whatever you do, don't forget to pack that wide-angle lens.

Snap up a tour

The Territory is a hotspot for photography fans who hope to focus on creative and technical skills. Territory Discoveries offers a number of specialist photography tours which combine a stunning journey with expert teaching.

Be inspired...

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