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NT Learning Adventures

Discover a place of ancient geology, exciting wildlife and rich Aboriginal history and culture.

The outdoors is the ideal classroom, so why not bring your next school excursion to the Northern Territory. We have your NT Learning Adventure all wrapped up.

The Northern Territory is vast and full of inspiring and educational destinations and experiences. From the majesty of Uluru to the detailed rock art of Kakadu National Park. 

With the rich living culture of Australia’s Aboriginal people, combined with the history of exploration, modern discoveries and the bustling vibrancy of modern towns, there are in-depth learning opportunities beckoning. 

World Heritage areas and National Parks offer stimulating outdoor activities with a focus on sustainability, culture and history. Darwin’s geographical position spotlights Australia’s close links with Asia, past and future. History lives in the Northern Territory.

Download our NT Learning Adventures brochure to learn more about the best excursion ideas. 

Tourism NT can also offer excellent advice and suggest a variety of school excursion itineraries with real education outcomes suitable to your specific requirements. 

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