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Bombing of Darwin, Military Museum, Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia

From Aboriginal art and culture through to European settlement and World War II, life in the Northern Territory is a rich and unique story. And it's not just the people who have an interesting tale to tell. The landscape is home to some of the oldest rivers and rock formations in the world along with fossils that have helped to unlock the mysteries of our planet. 

Dreamtime to the Great War

A centerpiece of Northern Territory history is The Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory (MAGNT) in Darwin. Collections reflect the region's art, history and culture, from Aboriginal art to maritime archeology and natural sciences. It also houses the Discovery Centre, a dynamic attraction featuring programs and education for the whole family.

The air raids of World War II had a lasting effect on Darwin and its people. Military heritage sites located around the city include airfields, explosives stores and watch towers. The state of the art Defence of Darwin Experience is a new facility dedicated to this heritage, featuring interactive, multimedia exhibits and a collection of iconic objects from the period.

A town like Alice

The Museum of Central Australia in Alice Springs is a must see, with exhibits ranging from the formation of the planet and ancient fossils, to rare archival footage and collected objects from indigenous ceremonial life. A blend of natural and geological history, there are examples of Central Australian birds, mammals, reptiles and insects along with a replica of an ancient watering hole depicting mega-fauna that roamed these parts thousands of years ago.

Alice Springs is also home to a number of smaller museums celebrating the diversity of the region's history. From pioneering women, aviation and road transport, to the popular Alice Springs Telegraph Station Historical Reserve - one of the greatest engineering achievements of the nineteenth century.

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