Winanjjikari Music Centre

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Join in the chorus with the Aboriginal musicians, listening to contemporary music telling the stories of the land and the people, and take home a CD.

‘Winanjjikari’ in Warumungu language means - ‘Singing for Belonging’.

The Winanjjikari Music Centre offers a profound cultural exchange with authentic, traditional Aboriginal people. You’re welcome to come and see the daily life of the musicians, have a chat with them and even join in a song. Witness the gentle humour and the laconic nature of these deep-spirited people.

Hear live contemporary music performed by Aboriginal musicians. Their songs tell of stories of the land and the people, with songs sung in traditional languages and some in English.

Visit the recording studio, which is managed and operated by Aboriginal musicians, and see music production as it happens.

CD recordings of original music written by the Winanjjikari musicians are available for purchase.

Opening times:

Open Monday to Thursday 8am to 12 noon

Entry cost:

Free entry


  • Lessons/Tutorials
  • Shopping


  • Bicycle Rack
  • Car park
  • Coach Parking
  • First aid equipment
  • Guide
  • Interactive Centre
  • Public Toilet

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