Sunrise, Devils Marbles Conservation Reserve, Karlu Karlu, Tennant Creek and Barkly Region, Northern Territory, Australia

Things to do, Tennant Creek & Barkly

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The Territory's 'Heart of Gold', Tennant Creek is rich with history, culture and great activities for visitors. Bordered to the east by the Barkly Table Lands – a huge expanse of land occupied by some of Australia's premier outback cattle stations – the region is also home to spectacular natural wonders and wildlife.

Cultural experiences

Nine Aboriginal groups call the area home, and their ancient culture is strong here. There are many sacred sites recognised in the area, offering visitors a unique opportunity to learn about Aboriginal life, history and their connection to the land. Nyinkka Nyunyu Culture Centre in the Tennant Creek Township is an award-winning aboriginal attraction that showcases Aboriginal people's stories and art.

Into the past

Learn about Tennant Creek's mining heritage at sites such as The Battery Hill Mining Centre and while you're there, why not try your hand at fossicking for gold. But the gold rush wasn't the first thing to bring Europeans to the region. Workers originally came to labour on the Overland Telegraph Line, and that history lies within the station's stone buildings to be explored today.

Back to nature

Rocky ranges and brilliant blue skies frame an ever-changing landscape of colours, particularly evident at the Devils Marbles, a collection of huge, precariously balanced granite boulders. Enjoy self-guided walks through local national parks and reserves and get an introduction to the local flora and many native species of fauna and birdlife.

Adventure bound

For the thrill seekers, Tennant Creek is an adventure playground.  Explore the trails around Davenport Range National Park in a 4WD or tackle the numerous walking tracks in the region. For full lifestyle immersion, set up camp on a cattle station, such as Banka Banka Station where travellers can have a steak on the barby and enjoy a cold beer on the verandah of the historic mud brick homestead.

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