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Weather and seasons, Katherine & surrounds

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Wildflowers, Gregory National Park, Katherine, Northern Territory, Australia

Stretching from Queensland to Western Australia the vast Katherine region is famous for its magnificent river systems, gorges, savannah grasslands and escarpment country.

It's all happening

The impressive national parks and nature reserves of the Katherine region are most comfortable in the dry season between May and September. Temperatures rise towards September, especially in the western border areas, but the dry season is brimming with great sights and events. Park rangers offer informative walks and talks between May and August in most national parks.

Peak hour

The wet season (October – April) causes flooding of the popular Katherine and Roper Rivers and can restrict some of the activities available in nearby national parks. Access roads may be cut off for short periods during peak flooding times. If you're embarking on a remote four-wheel-driving trip or hiking overnight you will need to check in with local rangers before departing. 

For the latest in Northern Territory weather check the Bureau of Meteorology website.

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