Old Katherine Railway Station

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Take the Pioneer Path from the old station through the precinct to learn about the railway's rise and fall and a way of life that no longer exists.

Visit the Old Katherine Railway Station to find out more about the rise and fall of the railway in northern Australia.

Located on Railway Terrace, Katherine, the station was built in 1926 to service the extension of the North Australia Railway. The railway served the interests of Vesteys Meatworks during their operation in Darwin and during World War II the Old Katherine Railway Station became the headquarters of the NAR.

Follow the Pioneer Path on foot from the station buildings to the High Level Railway Bridge over the Katherine River. As you wander through the precinct you will learn about the railway's rise as an important form of transport and part of the supply chain and its eventual demise.

Today part of the building is currently used as a second-hand bookshop and the rest of the building is kept open for public inspection by a small group of volunteers.

Open Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 10am to 1pm, Wednesday 1pm to 4pm, Saturday 10am to 2pm. Closed public holidays and Sundays.


  • Sheltered Area
  • Walking Tracks
  • National Trust

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