Katherine Overland Telegraph Pylons

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Stop and marvel at the engineering feats of the historic Overland Telegraph Line, a major force in opening up the north of Australia in the 1890s.

Stop and see one of the engineering feats of the historic Overland Telegraph Line. Built in the late 1890s the Katherine Overland Telegraph Pylons were built in 1898-99 to solve the problem of the Katherine River floodwaters interfering with the wires and cutting off communication during the wet season. Situated on Gorge Road, just past Knott's Crossing, 50 foot (15.2 metres) steel Oppenhiemer telegraph poles were placed on towering 30 foot (9.1 metre) stone cairns. They stand 400 metres apart on either side of the Katherine River, safely above the level of the flooding river.

Wander around the site and see the commemorative plaque laid for the centenary celebrations of the completion of the Overland Telegraph Line in 1972 and be reminded of the tenacity and skill that made such communication available to and within Australia.

The building of the historic Overland Telegraph Line was a major force in opening up the north of Australia. As you follow the Stuart Highway you will see the stone buildings of telegraph stations and other evidence of the line, which was established in 1872 to relay messages between Darwin and Adelaide. 
 The Katherine Overland Telegraph Pylons are a registered heritage attraction.

Opening times:

Daily, 24 hours.

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Free entry


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