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History & heritage, Kakadu & Arnhem Land

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Rock Art, Mount Borradaile, Davidsons Arnhemland Safaris, Kakadu and Arnhem Land, Northern Territory, Australia

Welcome to a land where ancient indigenous culture lives on into the present. For more than 40,000 years, Aboriginal peoples have lived in Kakadu and Arnhem Land, painting their stories onto the rocks. British settlers and Indonesian traders have played a role, too, leaving their own tales on the land.

Indigenous insight

Deepen your understanding of traditional Aboriginal life and culture through the displays at Warradjan Cultural Centre. Exhibits feature hunting techniques and park history, while tribal elders tell stories illuminating the effects of white settlement. The attached gallery is home to major artworks by local artists.

Creation stories

If you like your history lesson to come with a view, head outdoors to the Roy (Malpi) Marika Lookout, in the Arnhem Land township of Nhulunbuy. The views reveal a spectacular and unspoiled coastline while interpretive signs detail a rich indigenous history. Learn about the area's creation story, and a successful struggle for land rights.

Don't miss the incredible rock art sites in Kakadu National Park and around Arnhem Land. Indigenous heritage comes alive through the paintings that line the walls of these ancient galleries, sharing a vivid narrative of ancestral stories.

Indonesian interaction

Journey to north Arnhem Land and take the fascinating Wurrwurrwuy (Garanhan) Macassan Beach interpretative walk to learn about trade between Aboriginal Yolngu people and Macassan traders from Indonesia. Along the way, discover unique stone arrangements constructed more than 100 years ago by Yolngu elders. These tell the tale of exchange between the cultures over several centuries.


Explore the haunting ruins of 19th-century Victoria Settlement in Garig Gunak Barlu National Park. Wander around the remains of a short-lived British settlement town plagued by disease and death, and abandoned after just 11 years in 1849.

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