1 day Litchfield National Park

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You'll follow the Stuart Highway via the township of Batchelor to Litchfield National Park where you will visit the main falls. First stop is Florence Falls, where you will take in the spectacular waterfall from a high vantage point and be given the opportunity for a scenic and interpretive bush and monsoon vine-forest walk. There is also the chance for a swim by making your way down the stairs, which are surrounded by lush forest, with possible sightings of a variety of bird species and wildlife. Visit the Buley Rockholes then travel on to Tolmer Falls for a magnificent view of the water cascading down to the deep waterhole at the base of the falls. Finally you'll visit Wangi Falls, with its large crystal clear pool, another relaxing spot for a swim. A great day for taking many fascinating photos, including the amazing stand of termite mounds, one of Litchfield National Park's unique sights. The hundreds of mounds are like enormous magnetic compasses, with their thin edges pointing north south and broad backs east west, minimising their exposure to the sun, keeping the mounds cool for the termites inside. (Picnic lunch is included) Please quote tour code AL1 when booking.

Tour types:

  • Full Day

Tour duration:

  • 11 hour

Tour departs:

  • Darwin

Tour highlights:

  • Litchfield National Park, Tolmer Falls, Florence Falls, Wangi Falls, Buley Rockhole

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