Skippered Chartered Sailing Safaris (2, 3 or 5 day)

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Enjoy an eco sailing cruise to Bynoe Harbour Marine Park, a key destination for extended sailing safaris aboard EcoSafari, a luxury 12 metre SeaWind 1160 Sailing Catamaran. You may learn about Indigenous culture, tropical ecology and marine ecosystems. Bynoe Harbour is home to a diverse range of relatively untouched marine and coastal habitats and contains some of the Northern Territory’s best quality reefs. It provides internationally significant habitats for many species of high conservation value, with a rich mixture of plants and animals. The main attraction is that it is home to the only known Northern Territory seagrass bed found west of Darwin, where dugong are often seen feeding and it supports 33 species of shore birds, 11 species of sea birds and 14 species of water bird. Bynoe Harbour is also the feeding ground for juvenile hawksbill and green turtles, and has sandy beach nesting sites for flatback turtles.

Tour types:

  • Tailored
  • More than one region

Tour departs:

  • Darwin

Tour highlights:

  • Darwin Harbour
  • Bynoe Harbour, Bynoe Harbour Marine Park

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