Tiwi Art Network

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Journey into the Tiwi Island art centres of Munupi, Tiwi Design, and Jilamara without leaving Parap, at a gallery that showcases the network's art.

The Tiwi Art Network is an alliance between the three art centres on the Tiwi Islands – Munupi Arts and Crafts, Tiwi Design and Jilamara Arts and Crafts. The Tiwi Art Network aims to promote an understanding of Tiwi art, market the works produced by the art centres and facilitate art buying trips to the island to visit the art centres.

The network operates out of a gallery space in Parap which showcases paintings, prints, ceramics, sculptures and fabric from the island. The network also sells its own products which includes a range of jewellery and printed silk scarves.

Opening times:

  • Open Wednesday to Friday 10am to 5pm, Saturday and Sunday 10am to 2pm. Closed Monday, Tuesday, Public Holidays, Christmas Day and Good Friday


  • Shopping

Payment options:

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