Goyder's Day

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  • 05 Feb 2016

  • Confirmed event

Gather at dusk to watch a lively re-enactment of the 1869 arrival of Surveyor-General Goyder, which marked a new beginning for the city of Darwin.

On the 5th Feb will be celebrated the arrival of the South Australian Surveyor-General (George Woodroffe Goyder) and his crew of 138 in February 1869 This event effectively marks the beginning of the City of Darwin. Goyder and his surveyors quickly surveyed the city of Darwin (modelled on Adelaide) and proceeded to survey the hinterland almost to Adelaide River and Wangi Falls. Learn about this incredible effort and how life was for the surveyors and the crew. For instance some of the axemen chopped thousands of ironwood survey pegs. Music will be provided by the ARAFURA WIND ENSEMBLE in the first performance for the year. Kicking off at 5pm on Friday it should be a memorable occasion. .

Event date:

  • 05 February 2016 - 05 February 2016

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  • Exhibitions and Shows

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