Arnhem Land

Camping, Arnhem Land

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Camping and 4WDriving in Arnhem Land can be a memorable experience, however it must be noted that the Arnhem Land Trust is quiet simply Aboriginal Land, which is why it has been kept so pristine and maintained its natural integrity. For travellers flying into Gove airport, 4WDrives are available for hire from three different operators in Nhulunbuy. 

Access is restricted to allow Aboriginal cultures to exist in the traditional way with little outside influence.   To simplify accessing Arnhem Land by 4WDrive it can be segregated into destinations to explain the permit systems:

• Garig Gunak Barlu National Park on the Cobourg Peninsular is a National Park and is permitted by NT Parks and Wildlife service’s Permits Branch on +61 (08) 8999 4795.
• Dhimurru Recreational Area surrounds the Gove Peninsular and includes such hidden gems as Cape Arnhem and Little Bondi. Access is permitted by viewing this page  or calling +61 (08) 8939 2700.

• Some Traditional Owners are now inviting travellers to come to their remote outstations, such as Wiligi nearby Cobourg Peninsular and Dhuluwuy Bay encompassed by Blue Mud Bay see These remote areas host campers, anglers and 4WDrive travellers. These businesses include permits with your booking. 

• The Northern Land Council issues transit permits to Nhulunbuy and other regions through their regional offices

• There are a number of quality safari camps to choose from in Arnhem Land which are hosted and include tours, fishing and wildlife safaris. Other focus on hunting Buffalo, Banteng, Samba Deer and Wild Boar. Most of these are accessed via charter flight but some by 4WDrive. See the things to do page for details. 

These links display recommendations about the current location. this information has been stored under tabs. The first tab contains the recommendated places to go. The second tab contains the recommendated things to do. The third tab contains the recommendated tours. The fourth tab contains the events. The fifth tab contains the accomodation.