Red Centre Way (West MacDonnell Ranges)

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The spectacular West MacDonnell Ranges stretch for over 200 kilometres from Alice Springs. The drive tour along the Red Centre Way, as it is known, will take you on a journey of discovery. It is a journey through billions of years in time, where remote landscapes hide a desert that is filled with life. Along the way there is much to see, do and learn. Hear about the incredible geological forces that have created magnificent gaps and gorges, some you can walk through, some you can swim in. You will learn why the West MacDonnell Ranges are home to so may rare and ancient plants, about desert dwelling fish, how Albert Namatjira became Australia’s most famous Aboriginal artist and how Aboriginal people used the trade ochre from the Ochre Pits. Listen to spectacular bird calls and hear from local Aboriginal traditional owners about Bush tucker and special Dreaming sites. Commentary length is 80 minutes.

Tour types:

  • Tailored

Tour departs:

  • Alice Springs

Tour highlights:

  • Simpsons Gap, Standley Chasm, Ormiston Gorge, Ochre Pits
  • Goss Bluffe, Glen Helen Gorge Nature Reserve
  • Mereenie Loop

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