Things to do, Alice Springs & Surrounds, Northern Territory, Australia

Camel riding, Alice Springs & surrounds

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Camel tour, Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia

Pyndan Camel Tracks is a camel tour operator situated just 15 minutes from the Alice Springs CBD. This family owned and run business offers one hour, half day or group tours through the MacDonnell Ranges. Cameleer Marcus Williams has over 20 years experience working with these unique creatures and will share insights into their history and habits.

Half full

Take the half day tour and spend time getting to know the camels. Follow the hour-long route before journeying deeper into the valley for some breathtaking scenery. Due to their gentle nature camels tend not to frighten the wildlife, thereby giving you a chance to get up close to wallabies, kangaroos, lizards and native birds.

Travel through Iron Bark and Mulga trees, across a clay pan flat, before reaching the sweeping vistas of Temple Bar Gap. Here, you'll get the opportunity to stretch your legs and hear stories from the experienced cameleers.

Sunset silence

The silence of the bush before dusk is a magic experience and an hour-long trek through the ranges at sunset is an opportunity for some truly spectacular sightseeing. At the end of your journey enjoy a refreshing drink at the 'camel lounge'.

And they're racing…

For a truly unique experience try Alice Springs' iconic annual camel race. The race first took place on the dry bed of the Todd River in 1970 and now has a dedicated 400 metre race track, attracting spectators from all over the world.

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