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Outback tours, Alice Springs & surrounds

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Alice Springs Desert Park, Northern Territory, Australia

Whether witnessing the ever-changing colours of its desert landscape or sharing a beer and a yarn with locals in a remote country pub, a trip to the outback offers the quintessential Australian experience. It tells a story not only of the Dreamtime and an astounding natural beauty, but the romance of a pioneering culture and history of Australian explorers. In a nutshell, both in body and soul, the legend of the outback is what defines Alice Springs and its surrounds.

Due to its incredible size and isolated location, making your way to the outback can be problematic if you don't have your own wheels, so fortunately there are numerous guided tour options.

On four wheels

For most, 4WD travel is the only way to experience the outback. Many companies in Alice Springs specialise in off-road trips, which are a great option for those lacking the experience to tackle challenging 4WD tracks that lead through the heart of the outback. It also means you don't have to spend money on buying all the equipment, nor worry about being stranded in the middle of nowhere if you breakdown. Furthermore the benefit of having an expert guide will give you further insight to the flora and fauna that surrounds you.

Trains, planes and... camels

While most opt for a 4WD trip, there are more unique ways to experience the magic of the outback. Camel safaris provide a perfect way to traverse the red sands of Simpson Desert or the MacDonnell Ranges. Otherwise, if you're seeking more luxurious means, the Ghan train trip allows you to watch the desert of Central Australia fly by from the comfort of an air-conditioned cabin. Or if you want a bird's eye view, scenic flights and helicopter rides provide the best views of the region. Alternatively, sign up for a hot-air balloon adventure for an ethereal sunrise over the desert.

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