Corroboree Rock Conservation Reserve

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  • Daily, 24 hours.

Take a short walk around Corroboree Rock to appreciate the area, an accessible site of great ceremonial significance to the Eastern Arrernte people.

Corroboree Rock is a dark grey column of dolomite an hour's drive east of Alice Springs. It is one of many sites in the MacDonnell Ranges that is of great importance to the Eastern Arrernte people.

Take a short walk around the base of the rock to survey the area and have a closer look at the ancient sedimentary, fine-grained rock. At the base of the rock you can see dark grey and light grey streaky blobs of dalmation rock. A ring of low ground surrounding the rock makes it look like an obelisk.

The real significance of the rocky outcrop to the Eastern Arrernte people is not well known. Corroboree Rock was probably not a corroboree site due to the lack of water in the area, but was probably used as an important storage site for ceremonial objects. The rock itself is an outcrop of dolomite from the Bitter Springs Formation originally laid down in salty lakes 800 million years ago.

Corroboree Rock Conservation Reserve is an easy stopover on your way to other East MacDonnell landmarks such as Trephina Gorge and Arltunga. The reserve is easily reached along the sealed road by two-wheel drive vehicles.

Opening times:

  • Daily, 24 hours.


  • Self-Guided


  • Car park
  • Picnic Area
  • Public Toilet
  • Viewing Platform

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