Wangi Falls, Litchfield National Park, Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia

Litchfield National Park

Get set for real adventure and to connect with nature at Litchfield National Park. At just over an hour from Darwin, it’s every local’s favourite day trip with its waterfalls and waterholes, bushwalks, four-wheel drive tracks, birds and wildlife.

A water wonderland

Plunge into crystal clear waterholes beneath the magnificent spring-fed waterfalls of Florence and Wangi, or soak in the gentle three-tiered cascade shaded by rainforest at Buley Rockhole.

For a drier option, take the short walk through cypress pines and cycads to the Tolmer Falls viewing platform. The caves in the red cliffs below protect two rare bat colonies.

For adventurous souls

Lace up your boots and don your bathers for a bushwalk. There are several at Litchfield, from the epic 39-km Tabletop Track and its secret waterfalls to the more serene 3.5km walk alongside pretty Walker Creek.

Jump in a four-wheel drive to explore the sandstone relics of the Lost City, take a dip in the uncrowded plunge pool at Tjaynera Falls or gain a new appreciation for our early pioneers at the ruins of Blyth Homestead. It’s hard to believe the cypress pine structure held together with wire was inhabited until 1985.

Nature at its best

Take the boardwalk to a ‘graveyard’ of two-metre tall headstones. These are magnetic termite mounds; fascinating feats of insect architecture cleverly oriented with the sun to keep the termites cool in baking conditions.

Keep your eyes peeled for hundreds of species of fauna that inhabit the park. Wallabies, sugar gliders, quolls and flying foxes are all common here, as is the dragon-like water monitor that can often be spotted basking on rocks.

Twitchers should keep their binoculars handy to spot the Yellow Oriole, Figbird, Pacific Koel, Spangled Drongo, Dollarbird and Rainbow Bee-eater that inhabit sheltered areas close to waterfalls.

Top five things to do

1) Swim under Wangi and Florence Falls and soak in Buley Rockhole
2) Four-wheel drive to Tjaynera Falls, Lost City and Blythe Homestead
3) Bushwalk – short and longer options
4) Magnetic termite mounds
5) Explore the park’s township of Batchelor

Further information

 Litchfield National Park

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